Reddit embed problems?


Reddit embed problems?

Gig Goer

On "reddit" I tried:

1.)  insert the "link" ->  open.spotify...  in the "link" section

2.) insert the "embed code" in the "embed section"

3.) paste the "link" as regular in body


Please read carefully, I sometimes get answers here that have nothing to do with my question from a spotify admin ...I can't get the spotify "player" to be visible in "reddit", I just see the web link, or embed code.  FYI - I am a semi-advanced web coder / web designer, this is not a elementary question... I have embeded web players a 1000 times online... just having problems with redddit, as I noticed I have seen the same problem in the past w/ youtube taking 3 days until I can see the actual video?  

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Rather than pasting the link onto reddit, why don't you just try using the embedded code onto reddit and see if that works instead?


I have the same issue where the Spotify player is embedded temperamentally in some occasions but not in others. This happens with links by adding the link type to Reddit explicitly, embed code never worked.

Still no understanding of why this happens, however it's probably more of a question for Reddit to answer.