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Region Locked Artists.

Region Locked Artists.






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So I have a few artists that I really really like. I'd probably have them as top listened if I could listen to them.

But they are apparently Region locked at least for me.

One of them is Demetori. A Japanese band. 

I know they exist on Spotify since I've seen their songs gray in color.

I've been wanting to find a way to listen to them for a while now.. over half a year but I had lost hope.. yesterday I tried to check another band and it was also unavailable for me.

So I did a little digging.

And found out that you can actually change your location on Spotify.. AS A FREE USER.

But I need to have a valid billing address from the country that I want to change to if I am Premium.

So as a free user, you have access to every single song no matter of it being region locked or not, but Premium users are completely f*cked?

I've been using spotify premium for quite some time and it's of of the VERY few memberships that I actually have and enjoy.

But this is so stupid.. I'm seriously thinking of canceling my premium for this... 

Yes this is more of a butthurt.. 

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Hi @Mimoji,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


Honestly sorry to hear about some of the artists you'd love to listen to on Spotify non being currently available on the platform.


Availability depends on the permissions provided by who holds the music rights and varies over time, so it's always worth keeping an eye on it.


As a heads-up, it's true that you can update the country associated with your account while using Spotify Free. But it won't be effective unless you're actually in that country.


You'll find all the related info in this support page article. Hope you'll find this helpful.


Keep us posted if we can do anything else!

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