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Release Radar has lost it's **bleep** mind (wildly inaccurate)

Release Radar has lost it's **bleep** mind (wildly inaccurate)

So I usually really enjoy Release Radar, It's far from perfect but for the most part it tends to be good and personally prefer it to the other auto gen playlists like discover weekly.


However today it was off.

So far off that I went through all my account settings to see if anyone else had access.

It started out reasonable enough, some stuff in or around my tastes. but then it jutted over to a **bleep** ton of Spanish music (which I have never listened to) with random greman and other stuff thrown (At one point I swear it gave me a Polka song). None of this is even remotely in my tastes which I think should be pretty well rounded at this point considering that  I listen about 6-8 hours almost every day.

As far as I can tell my account hasn't been used in random places or anything, I signed out of all devices just in case but this is kind of rediculous regardless.
did somone put a spelling error somewere in the code?



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Yep mine is the same this week, a couple of tracks in line with my music tastes and then just random garbage and lots of spanish language stuff

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