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Release Radar not reflecting my taste

Release Radar not reflecting my taste

hi guys, need a bit of help. i really like tools like discovered weeekly and release radar. but for some time now the chances of me finding anything that even remotely suits my tatste is becoming dofficult. Can the play history its based on be reset?

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I have the same problem, though for me it's mainly with Discover Weekly. Release Radar seems to be fairly well tailored to my tastes with some cool remixes of songs I already know and love, though it is perhaps a little remix-heavy.

Discover Weekly, on the other hand, unfailingly gives me at least one, often more, Dutch hip-hop song, which is rather baffling as I have never in my life listened to Dutch hip-hop and don't plan on starting based on Spotify's recommendations.

Mine has got worse and worse. I might look at it now but I won't listen to it. Too much stuff I don't listen to. Not having a thumbs down or dislike button is madness. How Spotify expect us to just ignore tracks (getting my phone out do pocket to skip tracks on my commute is a pain especially in this weather.)

Hey @DML71 @bennuk85 and @frantastikid 


I understand that sometimes Discover weekly and Release radar can be a little different to your listening preferences and you`ll not always find the best songs that you may like there!

Let me explain these two features : ) 


Discover weekly:  recommends songs of what you`re currently love to listen. But, here`s what may be happening to you: If you listen for example songs that are most listened in France, discover weekly may suggest you also songs that are most listened there. 


Release radar: In the other hand, suggest you almost only artists you`ve followed, or you`ve saved in your music. Almost all the new music in Spotify is adding on Friday, so if there`s no new releases that are matching your listening preferences, it suggest you similar ones. So my suggestion is, follow the artists you love, that way the release radar will become more personal


You`ll be interested in these ideas, please leave your votes and comments there to show your support: gets data from Spotify and suggest you all the new releases from artists you follow and similar ones : )


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Indeed it often adds music I don't like. And that often that I tend to skip the release radar since 90% of the music is not my taste.

(To a lesser extend this is also true for the 'discover new music' list)


I think adding a 'like'/'don't like' option to the music added in these list and checking on those likes/don't likes when adding music to the lists would be a nice option.

I'm sorry but release radar is worthless to me as it currently stands. A mixture of tracks I do want to listen to, from bands I that I do follow and listen to and a number of R&B artists that I don't want to listen to in any shape of form.


As there is no way to inform spotify I don't like them they keep coming up. 


The answer from spotify is to keep listening to artists i do like which is all well and good but it doesn't removed those suggestions based on artists listened to on my profile 2/3 years ago. 

Release radar most certainly does NOT give recommendations based on the artists I follow. To give an example: back when the latest Queens of the Stone Age, a band I've been listening to on Spotify for a decade and been following since the feature was introduced, album was about to hit and singles were starting to drop I never once got recommended a song off the album. Meanwhile I was getting songs from hip-hop and rnb artists like domestic abuser Chris Brown, T-Pain and others like them. I have never once in my life listened to music like that and yet they keep making up a majority of the tracks on my Release Radar along with remixes. Meanwhile I more often than not miss out on the artists I ACTUALLY FOLLOW release new music. 

Release Radar has started doing this with me now too - I'm getting French DJ music suggested all the time, a type of music I definitely don't follow and in a language I don't speak!

Not true MartinStoichkov. Release Radar does not play almost only artists I've followed. It is always playing artists that are nowhere near the genre I am listening too. 

I'm getting contemporary pop and rap which are the complete opposite of my tastes. It is not suggesting similar music I've been listening to since I joined years ago. 

Why do we even need this feature? We already have Discover, and that is fine. 


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