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Remove old devices

Remove old devices

There are several Alexa Echo devices that I do not have anymore that still show up on my list of devices. I don't see an option to delete them.
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From what we know, inactive devices get purged from the list automatically after a period of inactivity, but the whole process is automated and varies, so we can't give an exact timeline.


Nevertheless, if you want any changes to be reflected in the Connect picker, first they need to be resolved between your Spotify account and the data in your Amazon app. To remove the irrelevant instances of the devices we suggest to try the following steps:


  1. First off, unlink your Spotify and Amazon accounts. Here's how:
    1. "Settings" in the Echo app offers the option to unlink a Spotify account.
    2. You will be asked again to verify that you want to unlink your account.
    3. As soon as an account is no longer linked, the data leaves the Echo app.
  2. Now it's important to do a soft reset (switch off and then back on) on all Amazon devices you're planning to use, as well as on the devices where you'll use Spotify to stream from.
  3. Then you can set up your preferred Amazon devices (rename them etc.) and then set Spotify as default music source anew. It's easy:
    1. You need to go to the Alexa app on your device.
    2. Under “Music” you can select Spotify from the menu.
    3. When you open the Spotify tab, a link will appear - "Link your account".
  4. To finish the process, log in to your Spotify account page and confirm the connection with Alexa by clicking the green OK button.

This process of unlinking the two accounts should help you reset the data that is also reflected in your Connect picker. Keep in mind that simply renaming a device or a session will not remove the old already linked instances. You can use the same steps above if you want to let's say rename an already linked device and not create a new one instead.


Hope this helps. Keep us in the loop!

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