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Removed Spotify from FB and Lost my playlist!

Removed Spotify from FB and Lost my playlist!

I removed Spotify from my Facebook (foolishly!) and didn't realize it would wipe my account the next time I tried to use Spotify. The only playlist I had was my starred one, but I've had it for a couple of years. I've lurked previous forum posts with solutions but nothing has seemed to work. I've installed Spotify again under the same FB account but it treats me as a new register. Any help is appreciated!

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Sorry you're having a hard time. First, I would go to your account section and see if the playlists are listed under the "Recover Playlists" section.


If that doesn't work, I would recommend contacting Spotify Support here - - and explain the situation.


They should be able to help!

If this solved your issue - Mark it as a solution!
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I would LIKE TO get rid of Facebook. My Spotify-account is linked to it,so is there any way to save created playlists? I already made new spotify-account to wait for my premium to end. Can I save/move/copy my playlists to my new profile?


And another question. Is there any way to find other usesrs in Spotify if you don´t have Facebook? I know some of my friends use Spotify who are not in FB, but I haven´t figured out any way to find them yet.


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