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I removed a song from both my playlist and my music over a week ago, but it still keeps playing.  This is happening both on my destop and on my phone.  I've double and triple checked on both, so I am absolutely certain that I really did remove it.

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Hi @shortstuffpb, and welcome to the community!


Go to your play queue (The lines just right of the timeline). Clear it by clicking next track until there is nothing left in the queue. Does that get rid of the rogue track?


Have you tried a Clean reinstallation of Spotify?



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Hi @Anthony


My queue has been cleared multiple times since I removed the song.  I haven't tried a clean install because it's occuring on multiple devices which would strongly indicate that it's not an installation or currupt data issue.


I'm facing the same issue. I'm removing songs from my music but they are still keep playing.

Very annoying.