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Reset Discover Weekly preferences

Reset Discover Weekly preferences

Is it possible to reset the Discover Weekly preferences? My sister has created a few playlists on my account before she got her own, as she wanted to try it out first, and now my DW is completely messed up. It used to be really good, but now it seems to only consider "her" songs, not mine. She's had her own account for a while now, and all her playlists are gone, but I still can't seem to get the DW to recommend any songs I like. 


There is one solution, but it's not something I really want to do: to create a new account. I would have to recreate all the playlists, save all the albums and so on. In addition to that, I'm the admin in our five people-family plan, and I would have to do all that again. 


So dear Spotify, don't rest because you're on the top. There's so much room for improvement when it comes to user friendliness, and it can't really be that hard to do something about. I'd love to be able to change the admin without cancelling the whole subscription. I'd love to help the DW suit my taste better. And something really off topic, I'd really, really love to be able to save albums offline in the desktop version!

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Hi there!

There's no reset for Discover Weekly. You should delete all the playlists she made, and delete all saved songs and albums you don't want.

Then listen to the music you like, I bet that the next Discover Weekly will be alright again 🙂

I did that what a while ago, but it's still suggesting songs she would listen to, not me. And yes, I'm certain she's not using it.

I wish there was a way to reset the discover weekly. The wifi at my goes down routinely and I had to use my playlist as an emergency backup. Now my once awesome discover weekly has work music popping up all over the place 😞

I would also love this feature - I like listening to slow songs in the winter but now that summer is here I want to rock out!

It should be fairly trivial to implement a mechanism to do this, please make it happen Spotify!

Upvoting this, I'm stuck in a perpetual loop of bad music as Discover Weekly just keeps recommending it, so inevitibly it plays and Spotify thinks this is some sort of endorsement. Please let me reset. Please god

I have this problem too. My peer has been using my spotify. now the DW is not my taste at all! Help!

Same here. I decided to listen to the "Rolling Stones Top 500 songs of all time" playlist while I was on a roadtrip. That was 5 months ago. My discover weekly is still filled with oldies now. I didn't know "private" sessions was an option or that my suggestions would get all jacked up. I just want to start over. Womp womp.

Hello Spoity Community,

When I work I can't listen to any words so I have a playlist "songs to work to" that I keep adding music to. I also have a daily playlist that Spotify comes up with for me that is great and from which I like songs and add them to my own playlist to work to.


But this week my discover weekly preference is practically only songs with no words, and as much as I appreciate these songs while I work, those are not the songs I want to "discover" during the week when I want to listen to music for pleasure.


I thought about listening to a "free" spotify account when I work but then I would have all the advertisements popping up and distracting me whereas I am paying for a premimum account and this seems silly.


It would be great to be able to have an option where you can say to spotify, I'm listening to this album, or this playlist but not have it be counted it in the number of times you listen to songs, or to affect my preferences...


Thanks !




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