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Returning to spotify home screen

Returning to spotify home screen



i have now had 3 different windows phone with the same bug so i thought id report it.

(2xLumea 930 and 1xHTC 8x)


This bug always present itself after i pick up the phone and turn on the screen. It does not matter i spotify was in the foreground or not.


No matter what menu option i chose from the main sidemenu (playlists, radio, search) when i tap the option that i want im always returned to the spotify startscreen. When i open the menu again and once again tap the option that i want it works OK.


But this ALWAYS hapend after i initialy turn on the screen. Once it has hapend once everything will work untill i lock the phone. When i then turn ont he screen to change a song or whatever this willl hapend again.


Anyone else experiencing this? 


This have been happening since the new interface came along (and on every update since then)

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There is a similar reported issue open as a bug here:

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