Reverse podcast play order on web client


Reverse podcast play order on web client

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I use the spoitfy web player (, accessed via chrome browser.

I'm hoping to listen to podcasts in order from oldest to newest episode. The default order seems to be newest to oldest and I can't find any way to change it. There are answers on here about sorting by date on the mobile phone apps, but no sign of something similar for the web player.


Anyway know how to make this happen?



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Hey @abcttt,


Right now, there isn't an option to sort podcasts or playlists in the same way as you can in the app. There is an idea about it here which we suggest that you add a +VOTE to (don't worry about the status of it, we still consider ideas even if they're inactive).


In the meantime, we suggest that you use the app if you want to order your music and podcasts the way you want. 


Hope that helps 🙂

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I've added my vote and will keep my fingers crossed that the change happens.


Unfortunately, my phone is not connected to my high quality lounge room speakers, so I'm stuck with either the web player or crappy phone-speaker audio for now.



I know this is kind of old, but I was looking for the same thing and ended up going into my phone and changing the order there. Click the podcast > Queue (three lines at the top right) > Play order (Oldest to Newest).


When it asked what I wanted to listen on, I just selected "Continue on webplayer." I checked the queue there and it updated to play oldest to newest.


Hope that helps! 🙂