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[Revo SuperConnect - Spotify Connect] Scrobble to

[Revo SuperConnect - Spotify Connect] Scrobble to

Great device, but it don't scrobble to lastfm.


Who as the charge to scrobble, partner device or spotify app on the smartphone ?


Seems that Spotify forget to implement scrobbling with the Connect feature. Can you just continue to scrobble even if spotify connect is enable on a another device ? 


Hope Spotify will fix this.

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When you connect to a partner hardware device, there is no scrobbling. No idea if this is something which can be fixed but you can add your support to this idea.

In my opinion it's pretty simple,


spotify app (acting like a remote) as a perfect knowledge of what is play on the "Spotify Connect" device. So just let the smartphone scrobble like in "normal" playback.


Don't  see any difficulties, just an omission in the developpement of the Spotify Connect feature.


I understand it's not a priority but I hope a dev will read this and revise the spotify app (start with android version, please).

Its not as simple as that on iOS, since when you transfer playback to the speaker and then put the app to the background the application is suspended.

Also, if your phone app went out of range of the speaker, the speaker would continue to play so you would loose scrobbles that way.

Really, we need the app to transfer credentials to Spotify Connect software running in the speaker and then the speaker could scrobble on its own.

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Another solution is to set lastfm credential on the account level. So Spotify server can scrobble to lastfm directly.


All we have to do after is to enable scrobbling or not. Cool no ?


That's just a dream. 😉

Sounds perfect to me 🙂

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