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Revoking Sonos App Access - Does this log my account out of other Sonos players?

Revoking Sonos App Access - Does this log my account out of other Sonos players?

I have my own Sonos system, but have also logged into my Spotify account on other Sonos systems (via the app), and did not know that I needed to log out of my account before leaving that person's house. I am now having trouble with someone accessing my Spotify account, and I believe it is because of these other Sonos systems. I have already previously contact Spotify support who did a hard reset on my account and I have changed all the necessary passwords, but it's still happening. If I revoke the Sonos access from Spotify, will it effectively log my account out of the other Sonos systems?

2 Replies

Hi @CwazyGirl!


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community. Revoking the Sonos access from Spotify should do the trick in this case. Head here to do it.


You can also log out from any other devices you might be logged in to by heading here > scroll all the way down > click on "Log out everywhere".


Let us know how it goes 🙂

Thanks Alejandar. I have revoked the access for now. As I also have my own Sonos system, when I re-login via Sonos, will this keep the other Sonos systems logged out?


As mentioned before, the "Log Out Everywhere" option doesn't work on Sonos.

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