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Roku 4 Spotify sound problem (Distortion)

Roku 4 Spotify sound problem (Distortion)

I have two Roku 3s (1st gen) and decided to replace one of them with a new Roku 4 to power my new 4K TV. However I'm experiencing bad distortion, almost like Spotify's output is too "hot" (aka too loud), when playing some tracks on Spotify (Pandora, Netflix, Hulu has no issues). This is not the case on any of my other Roku 3s
Does anyone else experience the same problem or perhaps have any advise? I've logged a case with Roku and they have replaced my Roku 4 with a new device, but problem still exists. So I'm thinking it may be a issue relating to the Spotify Roku 4 app version

10 Replies

I am having the same problem, and almost a year and half after you experienced it.  I contacted Roku and they said to reinstall -- which I did with no benefit.  I contacted Spotify today.  I hope this isn't a matter of ignoring a problem.

Did you ever hear anything? My Roku 4 sounds so bad I can't even listen to it.

I'm having this too. Went from a roku 3 to a premiere+ to an ultra. The ultra was working ok but now it sounds tinny, mono, and out of phase. Removing and reinstalling the app didn't help. Question: do you have an SD card in it? I am wondering if this started when I put the SD in the Ultra. Also, YouTube vids clip about 3 seconds of audio off the start of the video.

I am having the same problem.  Sounds absolutely awful...  I am using an Ultra with no SD card.  Seems the app is having some serious issues with Roku 4. 

It was working though at one time. I had a roku 3, then a premiere+.
wanted the voice remote so I exchanged it for the ultra. but seems ultra
has some issues. Mine froze a few times and I had to unplug it. suspect
it's a hdmi 2.0 issue. Or the app just needs to be rewritten for better OS
compatibility that the newer roku's use.
One thing I did not try yet, was, remove and reboot the device with no sd
card in it. Let me know if you have tried that already.
Like I said, it was working ok for about 2 weeks. The premiere+ had no
issues with sound quality. and Pandora/youtube sound is fine.

Same story here, Had a couple roku 3's that sound great on Spotify, then upgraded one, plugged in same wires, same TV/Receiver, speakers, etc.  It sounds Tinny, like its underwater or being heard through a plastic cup.  Out of phase, just terrible audio however you describe it.  Crazy thing is even the spotify app on my LG smart tv sounds better.  It must just be the Ultra... I guess I need to take it back and get a premeire or premeire +??

I've been told it's the OS. So when the newer one after 7.5.1 gets fixed
it'll be fine.
they have already proven spotify is ok in this version, it's just in beta
testing and hasn't been pushed yet.

Yesterday I did a force update, and 7.6 was avail.  It did fix the sound problem.

However to my ears, it doesnt sound as good as when BEFORE the problem started, or as the roku 3.  it's a bit bright sounding and not as warm.  Maybe a lower bitrate? (128 instead of 256 or higher).

But do a force update and it'll download 7.6 and reboot and it will sound better.

Force your Roku to look for system updates.  OS 7.6 was just released a few days ago.  It fixes the tinny out-of-phase robot sound that Spotify had been having on the newer devices.

Hi Cbard, I'm trying to post this fix in as many posts as possible, apologies if you've already gotten it.  Have your roku force update, the system 7.6 update was just released maybe 1-2 days ago and it fixes the sound issue in spotify.  I dont think it sounds as good as it DID before the problem started, or how my roku 3 sounded, but, at least it's listenable now.

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