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I have a Roku LT and I'm delighted Spotify has finally landed on it.


The only problem is once I have something queued up and playing, how do I get out of that play screen if I want to change to something else? 


If I hit the home button, it sends me to the main Roku menu, not the spotify menu.

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You hit the back button.    The problem is, I don't think spotify realized that the older Roku remotes don't have one.   The app really doesn't work very well for anyone with the older remote.


There are a few options:

1. Wait for spotify to realize the error of their ways.


2. Buy a newer Roku remote that has a back button (but not the fancy ones with colored buttons, as they don't work with the original rokus).


3. Roku added a feature a while back that allows you to send remote control commands to it over your home network.   If you have a tablet, smartphone, etc. that is connected to the same network over wifi, you can download a remote control app.   Roku has one of their own, and there are several third party ones as well.


There's even a website you can use to control it right from your web browser:



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