[Roku] Playback stutters and stops on Roku channel

[Roku] Playback stutters and stops on Roku channel

The Spotify playback on my Roku has started to stutter and stop mid-song.  Sometimes it'll play about 5 songs from a playlist and stop.  Sometimes it will play a single song, stutter for a minute, then stop.  None of my other Roku channels expreience this problem.  Any suggestions? 


UPDATE: Roku advised me to remove and re-add the channel.  I did so, and it has no effect.  Furthermore, my wife insists that it always stops on specific songs.  Could songs with an encoding problem be the cause?

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Have you reported this to Roku? 

It seems from the community that this issue only came from a recent update, which would point to an issue on their side or their Spotify app (which they make themselves) rather than a Spotify one. 



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Yes, I have also reported this to Roku.  However, since no other channel appears to be exhibiting a similar symptom (or any symptom of malfunction at all), I lean toward this being a channel problem.  Seems like a two-front attack is more likely to succeed.

I have reported this as an issue with the Spotify teams to see if there is anything they can do 😉 



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Reported to Spotify, of course their first response was to blame Roku and suggest I contact their support.


Then they replied and said the channel had been updated and to see if that had fixed the problem, it has not.


By chance, are any of you listening through the remote control headphones on the Roku 3? I am - and it seems to be something to do with how Spotify transmits sound. If I exit the screensaver, sometimes the song is still playing, sometimes it isn't, but hitting the volume button on the remote gets the sound playing again. Other times, the track has stopped playing and I have to go back to the playlist and hit the shuffle button again.

No headphones on my Roku - I'm still on Roku 2.

I'm having this problem as well. I shuffle through a large playlist (3k songs) and the app will stop playing music. My playcount is always at 0:00 when this occurs. I can't recall the exact song when it last occurred - it was either Rain When I Die or Down in a Hole, both by Alice in Chains. [b]Update -[/b] it just happened with the track 'My Time', by The Golden Dawn.


This is on a Roku 2 XS.

We're having the same issue.  After 3-5 songs (from a Playlist, or Search -> Radio) the music stops playing.

Sometimes skipping tracks works, othert imes I need to reopen spotify.


needless to say it's annoying. 

I had a long back and forth with Roku on the issue of Spotify stuttering and they finally advised me to get Pandora.  They said the problem was clearly with Spotify as none of my other channels were affected.  I tried so many times removing the channel, rebooting Roku and reinstalling Spotify.  It's been an abysmal waste of money and I cannot get any help from Spotify at all. Ever. About anything, 


I guess I will try Slacker now and leave Spotify.  I don't know what else to do.

This has just started happening to me.  I get about a song and a half in and it starts stuttering, sometimes just stops playing completely.  I reinstalled the app but to no avail.  All other streaming services, Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, etc. plays with no problem.  Any help from Spotify appreciated.

Unfortunately a lot of apps on Roku turn into "Pass the buck" where Roku passes the blame to the content provider even though they may have written the app... Its an irritating issue with Roku... they insist "we dont write the apps, our content providers do" which in many cases is a flat out lie... I would really love to see this vexxing issue fixed, and perhaps even a refresh of the Roku app on spotify... theres an insistance of Rokus own people that "we are just a venue" and don't seem to actively seek content providers...  while going behind their consumers back and writing the apps for these content providers and pinning the blame on them..


I was hoping to find some resolution on this issue as I too have this problem on my Roku 2. Frankly I have had a lot of problems with the Hulu, HBOGo and Spotify apps on my Roku so I am not sure whose problem it is... I don't even bother using Roku for spotify anymore, I just hook my phone up to my stereo.



I too have this problem and am wondering why I should pay for Spotify if I can not use the service at home!  Spotify, fix this issue for your subscribers or you will loose us!!!

I canceled my service due to lack of support from Spotify on this issue.

I actually just reopened the spotify app on roku this week after posting here a year ago about having the same problems and it seems to have been improved. Just be careful skipping through playlists too quickly. The songs need time to load I think. Also, going back a song and then forward again seems to help.

Maybe in another year or two it will be fully functional with no problems,

I am having the same issue with roku 3 and spotify app. Would love if this would be more stable with roku the spotify app works better on my phone and on my windows laptop.

Iv basically GIVEN UP using Roku 2XS/3 with Spotify.. Better off using a Chromecast..

Also Spotify isn't really supported anymore by the Logitech Sqeezebox.. it still kinda works...


Im a few devices short of just giving up on Spotify..



I have the problem 1 month  ago with Spotify in Roku3. Playlist stops tracks after 5 or 10 tracks plays. In other case when stops de tracks the Album Art disappears with a black image. In other, the playlist can not sound. I do not like this because this problem not exists before. I try, reinstall de app, restart Roku, desactive and active the Roku account, factory reset etc but the problem persists. If there a problem with a recent Roku3 update? or Spotify is the problem. 

The problem persists. No one, Spotify or roku do anything. This seems to be a problem to properly load the playlists on Roku. When the Album Arts appear  the music stops. Sometimes plays several tracks and then if a number has no album art (black Image) Roku can not play that track. 

I've had this issue for the past year or so. It's obvious that Spotify doesn't care, as their app on Roku is years old now and glitchy all the time. It's a shame. What are the other streaming services that work with Roku? I'm ready to move on.


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