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Roku Poor Sound Quality - Static in Background

Roku Poor Sound Quality - Static in Background

I'm experiencing static during playback of Spotify on my new Roku 2 XS.  I'm a premier member of Spotify so I should have highest quality bit rate playback (if it even passes through to Roku?).  Pandora, Amazon, Netflix, all have NO problems.  Static becomes more pronounced as volume is increased (not shocking).  I've tried enabling "debugging" during playback within Roku menu as well as tried all streaming speed options.  But again, all other sources sound great.  Please help!  Thanks!

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I don't have static per se, but I have very poor sound quality since the new Roku OS upgrade. Lots of blips and bleeps, as one would have when there are errors in an mp3 file. Spotify/Roku is the reason I have a premium account - I can't justify it otherwise! I hope this gets cleared up quickly!

I have the same problem. I have my stereo hooked up through a old Marantz receiver and I have a Roku HD playing the Spotify channel. I thought it might have been a issue with my receiver, but I played it through my normal TV speakers and have the same problem. A annoying static crackle through my right speaker. Other than that, the sound quality is pretty decent, but I can't help but hear nothing but that annoying static crackle from my right channel. Let me know if figure anything out. I'll do the same.

I'm having the same issue- poor quality sound from Spotify through the Roku. The sound is good on all my other devices, but on the Roku, it sounds almost like a low-quality mp3 where you can hear the digital undercurrent or something- kind of bubbly and inconsistent. Is there a solution for this?

I have also noticed sound quality issues with streaming through the Roku LT; there is noticeable high frequency distortion present.


I have confirmed the distortion is not present in the same track (The Darkness - Every Inch of You) on other devices (Win7, Onkyo TX-NR414). However, similar distortion is also present in the Android client on my devices (Nexus 7, Droid Razr M).

I have had the exact same issue with poor audio quality on Roku w/ high speed ethernet connection. Pandora, Netflix, iTunes, etc. all work great on this connection with NO audio problems. Spotify is the only problem and audio used to be good on Roku until a recent software release during the past few months. I reported the problem to Spotify and they basically blew me off and said it was a hardware issue. Not sure how that can be based on what I described aboce and the fact is worked fine before. Not helpful.

The issue is Spotify don't make the applications for partner services such as Roku, so any software issue especially after an update normally need fixed by the partner service rather than Spotify. 



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I'm having the same problem with sound distortion. It's so bad that it sends my amp into safe mode. I thought it was the amp or my speakers at first, but after switching out both I did a google search and I see others are having the same problem. This is upsetting because I've been a premium member for a while now, and have convinced many friends to sign up. If this isn't fixed very soon I'm going to have to look for an alternative streaming music service.

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