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[Roku][Your Library] Roku library missing info

[Roku][Your Library] Roku library missing info

When browsing my  Library ...  you dont get the same info displayed per-item as when you do a 'search'. (ie: The search -results presentation should be the standard used throughout your interface).
  In Library:
* There's just a jumble of images with No tittles on them, and no song-counts... so you don't know what they are unless you click over each one one at a time??
 * There's only 2 rows showing at a time (half the screen is just the name of the 1 you're hovering on!)
this is reaaaalllly klunky, and not up to the quality of your interface elsewhere.

Especially with all the work-from-home now... I rely on that Roku interface for my Spotify use.
Please have someone fix this? 

(And the playlist folder problem)


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