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Roku app displaying album art from wrong source

Roku app displaying album art from wrong source

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The latest update to the Roku app is doing strange things with the album art display. It is often showing a weird source album even when the album selected to source the song is fully available and displaying correctly on other platforms.  This is really annoying, as it is often showing strange anthology art even when the actual album from which the track was selected is the original source.


This has NEVER been an issue before, as Roku has always displayed the same album covers as other platforms.  I'm not talking about the typical replacement of the selected album with a "preferred" one, which is typical across all platforms when it happens (and is usually an improvement).  This is Roku-specific.  My phone even displays the right album while the track is playing on Roku, which is showing the wrong source!


For instance, Culure Club's "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" is displaying the source album Kissing to Be Clever on my phone while Roku is showing an anthology cover.  It was selected from Kissing to Be Clever for the playlist.


This is clearly a glitch with last week's update of the Roku platform, and there should be a reversion to the previous version until this is fixed.


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This album art glitch, which began in the past week and is very annoying, is also happening on the Comcast Xfinity app.  So it looks like the "TV" platforms are all similarly affected.  This is very simple.  Revert.  These TV apps have ALWAYS displayed the same as other apps (phone, desktop).  The issue is rampant, and it's not just happening with obscure stuff.  And the album covers that are displaying are often stupid.  This is a really dumb glitch that has never happened before.  Fix it.

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