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Rumble has provided an out...

Rumble has provided an out...


Rumble has provided an out.  It's probably best for everyone if Rogan takes their offer, and this has nothing to do with politics.  When Spotify got into podcasts, there was always a danger that their heart and soul...the music, would suffer.  I'm not saying that Young and the other artists are blameless.  They have hurt many people who have never listened to Rogan.  Switching platforms is not an easy thing to do, especially with many playlists, folders, etc.  Then there are all the followers...


The situation is not tenable.  Ek needs to be talking to artists, including Young, right now.  Make an amicable divorce from Rogan and let him take all his uncensored content elsewhere.  But this should ONLY happen if all the people who have removed content commit to returning it, INCLUDING YOUNG, who just went on a diatribe against Ek.  Ek can fix this.  He can't sacrifice music, the soul of Spotify, for the sake of original content that Spotify's original listeners never wanted.  Give Young a definite answer on HiFi.  CSN finally got removed today.  That is huge.  It needs to come back.  Ek needs to be on the phone with David Crosby yesterday.


Rogan can have his free speech and his money too, and it will be even freer and he can probably make more money. And it won't be on the backs of those original consumers who care about nothing Rogan says, but DO care about their playlists being ruined when a parade of artists decide to "take a stand."  Getting music off of Spotify is quick.  Getting it back on takes forever.  Ek must act while he can.  It's not about censoring Rogan or hurting him.  It's about doing the best for the consumer.  If I ever do want to listen to Rogan, I'm free to go do it on Rumble or wherever, but my playlists won't suffer for it.


Do the right thing, Daniel.  Fix it.  It can be done, but only you can do it.


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