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Running Playlists on Spotify

Running Playlists on Spotify

I have been using this app since it's been accessible to users in Ireland. Can I say **bleep**! How have I not known about one of your best features, "Running Playlists" before know. They're absolutely brilliant. They have music of different genres for different moods and intensity levels of your workout and also have ones with exclusives tracks just for Spotify. Not only this it gets you to start running first before it assigns music to your speed so the music can match your bpms which helps you keep pace and allow you to be mindful of how much you increase/decrease your speed.  

Absolutely fantastic you should push this more into the summer. I was not not even running 12 weeks ago. Now Running with Spotify has already helped me through a marathon relay and reach my best personal time two days ago. 


Thank you!


Christiana Underwood

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Great to hear!

Thanks for you kind words. I'm sure the developers love to hear that. 😉

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