[SAMSUNG TV] Can't connect, Issue with Spotify Account?

[SAMSUNG TV] Can't connect, Issue with Spotify Account?



I got logged out from my spotify account on my samsung tv today, and when I tried to connect again I get this message:

"There seems to be an issue with your Spotify account. Please go to spotify.com/samsung to create your account"


I have tried change my Facebook password, I have createded a device password, nothing helps, same message all the time.

Some times during the day I have also recieved a message on my computer saying that there's some problem with facebook permissions..


Please help, I want to listen to music on my stereo 🙂


Thanks in advanced


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Sounds very familiar. Looks like spotify has a major technical problem.


Described mine here:


Are you using your Spotify username which will be all numbers and your device password on your Samsung device? 

If you are still having issues have a read at my post here



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Hi Echelon85. Rorey from Spotify here. We're investigating the issue at the moment but it would help out greatly if everyone could answer this question. 


Have you updated the TV firmware or Samsung Smart Hub recently?

Also if you could let us know the following:


  • Your TV model number
  • Your Firmware version 



I have the same problem,first I had Smart Hub ugraded and this was fine the error came up after I upgraded Spotify App.

The version previous to you most recent one worked fine on upgraded Smart Hub.


Error ID 2


re-installing,removing and installing again do not help (!)





Smart Hub 4.5681-5.0

Samrt TV 40ES5500

Later the same day everything was back to normal.. 


When this accoured I had not updated any firmware, I was just logged out then wasn't able to connect again until later that day.

A new version of the Spotify app for Samsung TVs went live last week which may have fixed this issue. Can everyone update their firmware and let us know if you're still getting this issue?

I still have it

I've logged in to Spotify in my Samsung with Facebook username and password. When I changed my Facebook password the Spotify application totally jammed – and so did the tv as well. All that worked was turning off the TV.

Same problem happens every time I try to open spotify.


Very doistrubing indeed.




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