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Samsung Galaxy Watch - Login Problems

Samsung Galaxy Watch - Login Problems





 United Kingdom


Samsung Galaxy Watch

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 Hi, got the new Samsung Galaxy Watch today but I can't get logged in to Spotify Premium so I can stream music via wifi without my phone/listen to music offline - which was one of the main reasons I got the watch for use in the gym. I've tried uninstalling the app from the watch and reinstalling again but I still keep getting error messages saying my login details are incorrect (they aren't). Help please!

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Hubby & I both got the new Galaxy watches today and are also struggling to log into Spotify on watch to stream music. Can only use the remote feature to play on Phone!

Here is the solution to be able to download music to your Samsung Galaxy Watch or Gear S3 and the Samsung Gear watches with Spotify, to enable you to be able to listen to music from your watch offline when you are away from wifi or bluetooth (out running, at gym etc)


Many people have had issues with being able to download music to their watch to enable them to have offline listening.


Here is the solution...


1. Your mobile phone will likely be connected to your watch but to do the download process on your watch you must allow your watch to standalone for this process so I suggest you put your phone into Airplane mode to ensure it is temporarily disconnected from your phone.

2. Once you have disconnected the connection between watch and phone, make sure that your watch is connected to wifi by going to the settings area on your watch (not the Spotify app) and select connections, wifi and connect to wifi and for the moment select always on.

3. Open your Spotify app on your watch, go to settings and select playback, stream on wifi. You will be asked to connect to Spotify via your Spotify username or Facebook credentials.

4. Once you have logged in to your account, go to 'Your Music' on the Spotify watch app and this will show any of your music previously added to your Spotify account, such as your collection or playlists. As an example, if you wish to download to your watch a Playlist, select the playlist you wish to download and it will show a 'Download' option. Select Download and the music will start downloading to your watch.

5. If you wish to listen to your downloaded music offline when you are out at the gym, out running etc then on your Spotify app on your watch, select settings, offline, go offline, and this will then allow offline playback without needing a connection to wifi or Bluetooth.


I hope this helps anyone who had the same painful initial issues that I had 🙂

Thanks for the reply and instructions. Managed to sort myself last night.  My main problem was turning off Bluetooth on the watch itself and then turning on Wi-Fi on watch in order to play music on watch.   Also Spotify on watch would not allow me to login using Facebook credentials.  I had to request a 'password reset' email,  reset my password and then use this to log in to Spotify on my watch. All good now and very happy.

i had the same problem, also in the uk, thanks for the fix it now works and I have downloaded my playlists

Had the same problem with my new galaxy watch trying to login using my facebook account, managed to figure it out after 2 days of messing around.


- Firstly, I had to turn off the watch's bluetooth & set the wifi to "always on"


- Secondly, I signed into the spotify website on my PC & went to the "Account" page


- Thirdly, go to the "Set device password" tab located on the left side of the page


Then just follow the steps there and it will give you a long number to use as a username & allow you to set a password (don't worry, this isn't going to change your actual spotify password). Once thats done try and sign into spotify on your watch again but this time login using your "new" spotify details (not through facebook).


You should login with no problems and it will be the same account you use when using your facebook to log in.


PS. Remember to change your watch settings back to normal so it doesn't drain your battery.


I have tried both processes suggested above.  Went info airplane mode and also tried the password thing.  Both still do not work and I just got the watch yesterday.  Now it just spins in circles and then eventually times out.  Anyone in Spotify have a solution?

Have the same Problem. Air Plan Mode and than Login, but the Screne tells me that i must upgrade my account ???? so what 

this is how i beat the problem of my samsung galaxy watch lte not loging in to spotify.

1  turned off my phone.

2  turned off and back on the watch.

3 went online and changed my spotify password.

4 used my login and new password to finally get spotify to work and download my running playlist so i don't have to carry a barbaric phone around.


hope this helps because this was driving me crazy

ps. stream over wifi must be used

Why should it be this complicated? There hasn't been an update to the app for over a year. They still don't offer volume arjuet through inline/wirless headphones...

The app is sad no doubt. My jabra elite 65t active Bluetooth headphones can
adjust sound volume, next track etc

I tried your recommendations but I still haven't figured out a way to login in my account through FB. This is really frustrating...

I'm also having the same problem i get up to the login put my details in doesn't say anything just get an infinite loading circle going around and around,
have reset my pasword already for spotify have tried loggin in with both username and email.

Thanks a lot! That solved the problem! Before I got the Samsung watch I had the gear s Sport which didn't have this issue. I hope Spotify can update this app because if this problem hadn't been able to solve the watch loses meaning to me to possess since I got it to be able to use it in the gym so I wouldn't have to go around and carry my phone.

Excellent nice to see it helped just me. Also I was in the same boat since running with a phone seems so 2010...


All the best

So sorry to hear this. Want to freak Spotify out call tech support or chat and tell them this is unexpected from them and if it isn't fixed you'll cancel your premium. 


This really lite a fire under their support. Let your voice be heard and maybe they'll fix this app we all have started to rely on. 

Couldn't get my new Galaxy Watch 4g to connect either, I was going to subscribe to Premium too, thankfully not until up and running. My solution was to uninstall Spotify from my phone and watch, and not go near it again

Great tip! I am up and running now. Thank you!!!!

Tried this solution but its not working for me?? Help please? At my wits end. I can login but as soon as I do it asks me to upgrade to premium and this is even with wifi streaming selected prior to logging in? Should I just upgrade??

I really think you should complain to Spotify we all need to do it. This
app is wonky even when you get it working. Have to pressure them into
fixing it.

Sorry my bushfix didn't work

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