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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Unable to Sync Offline Playlist Correctly

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Unable to Sync Offline Playlist Correctly

Basically the same issue as this thread

On version 1.1.24. 

The Tizen Spotify app for the Gear Fit 2 Pro is incredibly broken. 

After downloading one of my offline playlists onto the watch over wifi, any subsequent updates will not sync. The app will show the "Downloading" status bar and say the songs finished downloading, but the moment I turn wifi off, the songs are unplayable. They do show up with the green download arrow, but clicking on them just plays the last song in the playlist that was downloaded with the original sync. I've also noticed, the most recent unplayable song doesn't display on the screen correctly. In offline mode, it gets cut off by the bar at the bottom which doesn't happen when the watch is connected to the internet. 


I've tried all suggested workarounds in the previous thread and the only one that works is completely uninstalling the app from the watch, re-downloading, then re-downloading the playlist which is not really an acceptable workaround.


Please advise. 

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Hi @jaywong! Thanks for writing on the Community.


In it's possible, can you try downloading your songs using a different WiFi connection? Also, try using a different account (from a friend or a relative) on your device to see if the issue persists.


Let us know how it goes. 




Hi Juan. Thanks for the reply.

I tried downloading the songs after connecting my watch to a different network and recieved the same results. The app would tell me the songs downloaded correctly, but when I disconnect the watch, it is unable to play the new song.


I'm not sure how to test your second request unless Spotify wants to provide me with another premium account.

I want to note that I have tested this with a second Fit 2 Pro and noticed the same results.

Also I've been browsing the ongoing issues list and found this thread (while not exactly the same - different Samsung watch, it's the same app). With this one along with the the previously mentioned thread, I think I can confidently say this is a bug with the Spotify app provided in the samsung app store. 


Let me know the next steps. 



Thanks for the info @jaywong.


Can you let us know the firmware you're currently using? Did this start happening after a specific update or event? 


Also, after you reinstall the Spotify app, how long does it take for the app to malfunction again?


Keep us posted. 



Firmware of the watch? It's on version R365XXU2BQJ4. 

No, I've had this issue ever since I owned the watch (less than 30 days). 

I'm fairly certain the app is broken upon installation. Like I mentioned in my first post. The first playlist download works perfectly. However any subsequent updates to the playlist will fail to sync correctly to the watch. 

Thanks for letting us know, @jaywong.


Just to confirm, is this happening with a specific playlist? If so, how many songs do you have on that playlist?


Also, can you try to download the songs again using another WiFi network?


Keep us posted 🙂


I have a designated playlist that I created just for the Fit 2 Pro so it is just this playlist so far, but I am fairly certain it'll happen with any playlist. 

This playlist is only 15 songs, 14 of which are correctly downloaded onto the watch.

As requested by @user-removed I've already tried syncing the playlist on another network and it did not fix the issue. 



Hey @jaywong!


Just to confirm, did you try deleting your watch from the phone and syncing it from scratch? Also, as you linked the previous thread, did you try doing a factory reset of your watch before downloading and modifying the playlist?


Keep us posted.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp


I haven't done either for the watch I'm currently using, but I did factory reset my other one.

Could you confirm whether or not anyone replying actually has a Fit 2 Pro and has the Spotify app working correctly? I would prefer not to factory reset my current watch and having to set the whole thing up again if it won't do anything. 

Hey @jaywong.


I don't personally have a watch to test this on my end, but these are troubleshooting steps that have worked many times before.


For us to report this or any issues to the Tech team, we need to first make sure we cover all bases by exausting the troubleshooting.


It'd be great if you can try it out and let us know how it goes.


All the best.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

I have had the same issue. I reset my watch and redownloaded everything. It downloaded the playlist correctly but once I add another song to that playlist it will not download to my watch. It says it will and shows up with a green arrow as if it was downloaded but it won't play that song. I think the app is broken and needs a new update to fix this issue

Hi @Gwalk2219, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Have you tried following all the suggestions mentioned before? Let's check if the app behaves the same way.


Also, could you let us know what device, operating system and Spotify version you're using?


Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Yep I have. I have done everything they suggested. The only thing that worked was factory resetting my watch and deleting/ redownloading the spotify app. But after the initial download of any playlist (big or small) any addition to that playlist will not sync. The only way to get it to sync is by deleting the app or resetting watch. 

And I have the gear fit 2 pro. That is the device I am using that is giving me this issue 

I'm having much the same issue and I've tried all the suggestions in this thread. Got a Samsung Gear Sport (not cheap!) today to use as an offline Spotify player for an upcoming trip to Italy. The playlists appear to download properly but then it shows that though the download completed, some songs have a grey X instead of a green download icon and they won't play offline. After restarting, many songs are missing from the playlists (only 20ish songs out of a playlist of 150 songs)...and sometimes it says it can't play a downloaded song offline even when it does have the green icon.


All of that said, it seems like it might be an issue with how Spotify is(n't) registering my device as an offline device. I had 2 devices on my offline devices list (computer + phone), and my watch wasn't added, even after logging in, downloading songs, going into offline mode, turning off wifi, and listening to music through my watch. I tried removing all offline devices and repeating the process with a list of 0 offline devices on my Spotify account, but it still didn't add my device.


Please help! Leaving the country in a week and a half!


Device: Samsung Gear Sport, SM-R600

Tizen version

Spotify version 1.2.1 (December 5, 2017) on my Samsung Gear Sport




I went and factory reset my Fit 2 Pro, redownloaded Spotify and my playlist. Then added a song to my playlist, then resynched the playlist on my watch and it still exhibits the same issue.


Can I just point out that suggesting factory resetting a device to troubleshoot an issue with an app is pretty ridiculous. If my Android app or my desktop program had issues, would the suggestion be to factory reset my phone or do a clean install on my computer? Even worse, it's not like setting up Spotify on the Fit 2 Pro is especially quick.


I'm not critising the mods as I'm sure these are just instructions passed on to you guys, but having to deal with this watch's integration with Spotify has been insanely frustrating and I just want the app fixed. Literally the only reason I bought these two watches was because it was advertised with Spotify interation and now I feel lied to because the Tizen app does not work.

Hey folks,


Thanks for the reports, and for coming to the Spotify Community!

We've gone ahead and reported this to our tech folks now.

We hope to have some more info soon.


Stay tuned, and we appreciate you bearing with us in the meantime.





Thanks. If possible could you report another issue to the tech team. The "Shuffle Play" button on the Tizen app while in offline mode does not work as intended. It picks a random song to start, but the next song is just the next song on the playlist. 

Hey there, @jaywong


So that we can best help everyone, we'd recommend reaching out in a new thread if you're experiencing a second issue. Just let us know your device, operating system, and as much info about what's happening there as you can.

With regards to this thread, syncing offline on Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro's, our team are still looking into things and we hope to hear more soon 🙂


Many thanks,


Hey folks,


Our tech team are still looking into things here.

If you've noticed any changes in the meantime, give us a shout.


If you’re having this issue still, be sure to click +VOTE at the top of this thread.



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