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Samsung Gear S3 & Spotify Connect

Samsung Gear S3 & Spotify Connect


I just want to make sure that I do not miss anything here, before returning the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch:
Is it correct that the spotify App does not allow you to use the Spotify Connect function of spotify? Hence, I am not able to select and control the music on the watch and play it for example via my home entertainment system?


All I can find are inconsistent information. Here somebody suggested the function and the request was closed, because apperently nobody else is looking forward to this feature (seriously?!). Spotify posts on a German page that the feature is supported with a premium account on the Gear S3.


Seriously, am I just looking in the wrong places for this or doesn't the watch support this feature and nobody is mentioning this important fact in the trillion reviews out there? Thanks in advance and best regards!

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Hey @Kaktus317, help's here. 


Because of the compressed format of smartwatches, some features may be unavailable such as Connect


The idea you linked to is currently inactive, but feel free to submit another one if you think this something other people would like. We always take new ideas into consideration, but keep in mind that it's not the only factor. You can read more about it here.


Let us know if you have any other questions.


the explenation is kind of akward since other programmers are able to implement this on Android Wear (see Watchify). I saw that the idea is marked unactivce and has basicly no likes, but honestly? I don't get it. What is Spotify on a watch good for? To control Spotify and since you are not listening with the watch, you have to be able to control other speakers and the connect function is a big part of this! Also, Spotify is activly promoting this in writing as you can see. So imho it's a misleading advertisment.


Somewhere somebody wrote this already, but it's so true: Having to spent 200,- for a watch and then as a premium account member, with another monthly payment, not having an app which allows you all functions is just a rip-off. Actually from both, Spotify and Samsung.

Completely agree with you mate. 


Samsung are using spotify as their headline act when it comes to selling their watches "only watch with spotify" which should be brilliant.  However it seems like they have a team of 1 working on the app and that person probably works an hour a week.  There are still so many bugs.  No shuffle for offline playback on Bluetooth versions.  And no update for 11 months.  There was a post on the Samsung gear forum saying that the spotify app for Gear/ Galaxy was getting an update but didn't specify.  And no word from spotify as to when it will be updated. All we want is just more transparency about features and updates as the main reason I bought both the gear s3 and now the galaxy watch is so I can use spotify on a run without my phone. 


Looking forward to this being ignored or given a generic answer



Was there an update about controlling Spotify connect from galaxy watch?

I have no use for Spotify on my new watch without this feature.

Considering alternatives to my Spotify premium subscription that fooled me to buy this watch 😞

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