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Samsung Gear S3 can't login

Samsung Gear S3 can't login

Can't login (using facebook) to spotify using my gear s3. I've tried just about everything I could find on forums. Reinstalling the app, reseting the watch, clearing offline devices on spotify website, tried setting up device UN & PW, changed my FB password, reinstalled the phone on my app, made sure I was logged out everywhere, tried it with different settings (wifi, lte/3g, remote). NOTHING WORKS. I try to login (I have a premium account) and it says "Unable to Log in. Please check user name and password." YES I am sure I am using the correct credentials. I am at a total loss....

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You need to go to "Set device password" under your account on

From there you are provided with a special username and can create a special password. You have to use these credentials to log in on your watch.

My Gear S3 stay loading when i try logging on Spotify App. Facebook, Facebook Password App, Spotify device password. Whatever.

I can't find this setting in my spotify account, can someone help direct me to where it is? 

Account>Set device password> send email to set password.


You get into your account through spotify online, on your browser. 


It's important to remember both passwrod&username, because you need them both to get into your account on your gear. 

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