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[Samsung Gear Sport] Can't Play Music Offline

[Samsung Gear Sport] Can't Play Music Offline

Ok so I logged into my Spotify Premium account on my Gear, found and downloaded my playlist, and can play it with out my phone connected to the wifi. 

What I can't do is listen to my music completely offline not connected to wifi or phone just my blutooth headset.

In offline mode the songs that I downloaded from my playlist appear but when I select them nothing plays. But when I reconnect to the Wifi they play just fine. 

I noticed in the setting under "Playback" there are two options "Stream on Wifi" and "Remote". I have to keep it on Wifi because when I choose remote it wants me to connect to my phone through blutooth. 

I have tried twice to unload and reload the app and same with my downloaded playlist. 

Please Help 

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I have the exact same issue with Spotify and the up to date Samsung Gear Sport. 

Are you trying to connect using your facebook id or your spotify id?  I was unable to get it work with my fb id/pw but it finally worked using my spotify id.

Same issue here, I Installed the app on november and it worked fine, but with the latest update on Decemeber they f^%$!@ the offline download. I've already contacted spotify suppor to troublehoot and after serveral days of trying different things nothing worked. Waiting to see if next update fixes it.

I used my Spotify ID to log in which worked fine I just can't listen to my downloaded playlist not connected to my phone or wifi. 

If they get back to you please post it here. 


Yup same issue here. This was a major selling point for the Gear Sport. Any update coming from Spotify or Samsung?

Ditto here.  

Because someone asked, I am logging in with FB on my gear sport.  The strange thing is that upon login, I receive a text message (not sure if it is from FB or Spotify) saying I should login to Spotify with a specific six digit code as a password.  But I haven't found that password to work logging in with Spotify directly or via FB.  And I am already logged in to Spotify when I receive the text so I don't understand the point. 


Can anyone explain this? 

I think that's the Facebook two factor login process.  I don't think it's coming from Spotify.


Have you tried connecting with your spotify id (if you have one)?  I was unable to get it work with my fb id/pw but it finally worked using my spotify id.

Thanks.  Yes I did that and then used the Spotify offline device login they sent me.  It works well now.  

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