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Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar not found on Spotify

Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar not found on Spotify

I setup my Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar last night with the Samsung multiroom app.  1st time round my phone sent the wifi details to the soundbar, 2nd time I followed the setup on the multiroom app. Everything worked fine both times apart from Spotify.  I have a spotify premium family membership and when I go through the multiroom app to Spotify it does not show the soundbar as an available device.  I can play music from my phone or ipad through the multiroom app on the soundbar over wifi.  Tunein also works fine through the multiroom app.


Things I have tried so far -

Disconected the soundbar from the wifi and re setup

Deleted Spotify and re downloaded

Deleted Multiroom app and re downloaded

Tried on Samsung S5 / Ipad Pro / Samsung S7 <- all the same, the soundbar can not be found on Spotify.


Any ideas on a fix. 🙂 ?

5 Replies

Same problem here.

It finds and connects to the Samsung R1, but can’t find the ms650.


Hoping for a solution

Me too.

It was working fine for me about 3 weeks ago... now Spotify doesn't recognise my MS650 as an Available Device, even though Samsung Multiroom app is working fine, and I can play Tunein radio and other apps through it perfectly.

Only Spotify not working. Did Spotify remove support??? Very frustrated.

I contacted support of Samsung.
The solution for me was resetting the soundbar and connecting it again with spotify.

I also changed the soundbar name in the multiroom app.

Works great again for me.


Samsung is also looking into the problem and if it can be reproduced by them, they will look for a solution in the next firmarware update.

how did you reset the soundbar? can't find it on google

Press and hold volume up (+) and down (-) did it for me.

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