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Samsung Home theatre



I just saw that Spotify is now available on samsung TV using the smart hub. What about Home theater / blue-ray devices with the smart hub function? I've got a HT-D6500 device and I haven't found Spotify when searching in the app section.




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Same question for me. A lot of publicity on this from Samsung, but when it comes to really deliviring they are completely quiet.

So no news about this post? Is it only available for television?

I would love som information about this. Im about to buy a Bluray-player and if there is information about when spotify will be available for samsung smart blurayplayers i would love to hear about that soon...

Same question for me: Will Spotify be made availabel to Bluray device based SMART hubs? I really hope so. My device is a BD-ES6000.

I'm slightly disappointed too. I bought a HT-E6500 because I read that Smart TV series E (2012 and newer models) supports Spotify:


I mean, I only spent € 600 on a home theatre system to be able to listen to music; now it seems clear that SmartTV isn't SmartTV even though it says SmartTV on the box. But hey, I'm sure I'll make due with Twitter or the Wall Street Journal or some other app that I really feel I need my speakers to run...

Hi Spotify. It's me. Again. 15 months later. How's it going?


Still busy redesigning your client for the gazillionth time instead of doing something productive like keeping promises? Ok. Just checking.

Samsung haven't made spotify available in all countries. The first point of contact should be Samsung support to see what they say.

First point to ask is Spotify because they develop the app so they should know if they are planning a app for samsungs bd

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