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[Samsung] Low volume on Samsung Tv App (UN32J5500, fw 1480)

[Samsung] Low volume on Samsung Tv App (UN32J5500, fw 1480)



I have a Samsung UN32J5500 TV using the 1480 version of the firmware. I have connected the audio output to an amplifier.

Normally, when I for example see a movie, watch tv or use youtube, I put the amp on volume level 2 or 3 (the amp has 10 levels max) because it is loud enough and increasing it higher than 3 will blow up my entire apartment.

However that's not the case when using the Spotify app, the external audio output volume is too low, I need to put the amp volume on the max level to reach an acceptable hearing from my speakers.

I searched all the app's option and found nothing regarding the volume levels. The internal speaker levels are fine and consistent with the rest of the apps or functions of the TV.

I tried restoring the TV and Smart Hub completely several times.

Could this be caused by bad configuration? Could be this a patch that need to be applied to the app?

Note: all audio hardware works fine (cable, speakers, amplifier)


Thanks in advance


Agustín Ibars
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