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Samsung Multiroom Speakers - Keep Cutting out

Samsung Multiroom Speakers - Keep Cutting out

Hi There,


I am Spotifiy Premium user.  For the last year I have been struggling using Spotify on my Samsung Multiroom speakers.  I have no issues connecting to them but they always disconnect.  Sometimes 30 secs in, other times 30 mins.  Spotify does not stay on these speakers and it is very frustrating. 


I've tried reinstalling the app, playing of my iphone, tablet, computer etc.  No solution.  I know the speakers work fine.  They have a strong wifi signal, the software is up to date and other apps such as inTune works fine on them. 


I browsed on the forums and it looks like I'm not the only person with this problem.  Is there a solution?   Any suggestions?  I'm seriously considering cancelling.






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Same thing for me, it's been the case for months.


Worked before. It appears to have a link with Spotify family / multiple accounts (looks like it came when I switched to the family plan, but not sure), with multiple devices (iOS and MacOS for me) and Samsung multiroom setup (two M5, two M7 and one Soundbar) - ...who knows.


Many others have the issue and are complaining on the forum. Nothing moves. Customer experience they say....


In the case Samsung would be faulty in implementing Spotify Connect API, please Spotify guys, just let us know !! (and if it's true, I'm convinced Samsung won't be able to fix it quickly as they are very weak in software engineering on every product they have, in particular the multiroom app is the perfect example of a bad app)


Spotify team are you able (willing) to solve it ? Now I'm looking to switch to Deezer....

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