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Samsung Smart TV App not working

Samsung Smart TV App not working



This app worked fine on my TV for a while but now when I go onto it, it just freezes on a screen with the spotify logo and nothing loads. Have tried uninstalling the app and re-adding but that didnt work. Anyonehad this happen to them or know how to solve?



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I have the same problem. Have you had any luck fixing this?

I have the same problem


The same problem occured last week to my samsung f6500 smart tv

Return to Factory Settings and reset the TV. This resolved the problem for

Hi all!


Hope you guys having trouble with the app on the TV solved their issue or will be able to do so after having read @bhvanlierop's suggestion.


I must say though that the end result - a working app - is still not great. Quite some features are missing, which makes it difficult to play what you want. Therefore I have created an 'Idea Submission'  to implement Spotify Connect to the Samsung Smart TV app. If that feature is available, it's pretty easy for us to navigate on our smartphones and/or computers to pick and play the music on our TV (and possibly hifi set if it's connected). The idea will need at least 50 kudos per year to stay alive. I hope you all out there who might be interested in this future can take the time to vote for this idea!


Implement Spotify Connect for Samsung Smart TV [Status: New Suggestion]


Thanks for sending out your Kudos 😄


Please note that you need to click on the link above and give Kudos over there, giving kudos here doesn't help our issue forward 😉

Doesn't that wipe out the rest of your apps as well requiring you to redo logins and passwords? I think I'll just make due with Pandora if that is the case. 

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