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Samsung Smart TV App standard bitrate?


Samsung Smart TV App standard bitrate?



What is the standard bitrate of the Samsung Smart TV App? Is there some way to change the bitrate (normal/high/extreme). I can't find anything in the preferences of the app.

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This has been kicking around for some time now. I've posted a new idea to try and get things moving. Please add your support 🙂

Not impressed with Spotify software for Samsung smart TVs. Given the popularity of Samsung TVs, Spotify's progress is disappointing.

Still no spotify connect ability, no high quality streaming option, and an overall sluggish limited app.

How to change quality on Tizen Smart TV Spotify App?

Is it possibile?

How it is possible that i can get high quality at smarphone and not on TV - that is connected to HiFi sterea system???

Really there's no solution yet? Or simply I can't find it? This was the one reason to subscribe to premium.. enjoy the quality on my smarttv.. i guess not.. as soon as my 3 months 1$ premium ends i'm ending spotify too.

And guess what ? 6 years later it's not fixed yet ! that's so crazy I can't even believe it !



Current Spotify application for Tizen Samsung TV automatically adjust bitrate based on your network throughput. For Premium users you get up to 320 kbps and for Free users up to 160 kbps.
In my experience switching Digitial Audio Output Mode on TV to DTS or Dolby Digital significantly improves percieved audio quality.



Oh great for the bitrate I didn't know. but in fact that's not my main problem as the sound is way too distorted from outside the app. And even if it's a bit improved on home cinema modes, it still satured (and stereo sources are meant to be played in stereo. DTS or Dolby preset decodes and changes the sound)

Thanks for the answer by the way 😄


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