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Samsung Smart TV Mobile Control/Casting?

Samsung Smart TV Mobile Control/Casting?

Hello Spotify 🙂


I've recently purchased a Samsung SMART TV and have been enjoying using the Spotify App, although it's a little annoying not having access to Your Music (I'm still amazed to finally have it on iPad though, so no complaints on a very niche product taking a while xD). However, given the TV is WiFi enabled and most other apps have some form of cross-ecosystem integration, I cannot work out if I can select music from other sources and "cast" it to the PC (a la Youtuve, Netflix, Instagram, Smartview etc.)?


It would be incredibly useful as the inbuilt Spotify keyboard (any chance of setting it to use the Samsung keyboard as well, whilst I'm asking, which is infinitely better when controlling with a remote!) is frankly awful! Plus, it would be a nice workaround for the fact that all my music I want is now in Your Music rather than Playlists so access is frustrating?


Any help would be amazing!


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