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Samsung Smart TV-No playlists??

Samsung Smart TV-No playlists??

Hi boys and girls,


Just saw that the Spotify app is available on my Samsung TV. Nice! Thanks for that.


After a frimware update it runs nicely.


But now only my first 6 playlists are shown in Spotify. I can't scroll down or anything.


I tried using a mouse but this doesn't work at all. And there are no options in my settings. I expected crossfade options etc.


Is there a solution for this or do I just have to wait untill all diseases are out?


Thanks again.



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Hi, I'm experiencing the same. as per mentioned post,  -  Just 6 of the playlists are displayed on my Samsung SmarTV 8 series.

Using the latest spotify (1.006) on the Samsung appstore available.

Hope that this amend will bring some priority on the subject.






When authenticate using the spotify credentials it works, but not  by using the facebook method. - Odd

I'm having a similar issue with a Samsung series 8 blu-ray player (BD-H8500a), only 2 playlists will load out of roughly 8 that show "loading..." and that does not change. Looks like its a Spotify for Samsung App issue - time to update your app Spotify/Samsung!!!

I'm also having the exact same issue with my Denon Receiver (AVR-X3000).

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