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Samsung Smart TV Playlist not working properly

Samsung Smart TV Playlist not working properly

Playlist does not go beyond the last played album. In this example, the B. So the favorites and playlists are visible to half of B and to the rest of the playlists I can not scroll. The same problem is on two TV's.


How is this to fix?
I have reinstalled the Spotify app and the Samsung firmware is up to date.

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I just checked and my spotify is behaving normally on Samsung TV. Could you explain in more detail what is happening? Maybe step-by-step, what you are trying to do and where it goes wrong so I can try to reproduce?


EDIT: As an afterthought, does the web player behave correctly fo you?

Hi Joe,


Thx for response.

The app further works fine.


I have listened to an album from mine general playlist. For example, Bob Marley, the album Legend. Legend will now remain open and folds not in the playlist Bob Marley. Now I don't see anymore the rest of the playlist, beyond Bob Marley.

Sorry, do you mean you have a Bob Marley playlist which you can't get out of once you open it? Maybe you could post a screenshot of the desktop client or web player to show how your playlists are organised?

I have my music organized into playlist folders. In the folder of an artist  I've saved divers albums as a playlist.


But I'm a bit further. It seems that the app on the Smart TV only will show 10 playlist folders. If I change the order of the playlist folders on mine desktop, again only the new first ten playlist folders show.


Can anyone from confrim this?

Hi --


See this other thread:


It appears the Samsung TV app has a bug which makes it all confused if the 10th entry in a playlist collection is a playlist folder rather than a simple playlist. A workaround is to make sure that every 10th entry in the playlist collection is a simple playlist and not a playlist folder.


Yeah, weird, I know.

Thx for you suggestion!


And a nice tip to ad every ten playlistfolder a simple playlist,


Hope Spotify will solve this bug soon.

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