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Samsung Smart TV - can't connect to spotify

Samsung Smart TV - can't connect to spotify

Hi all,


I just upgraded to premium and tried to connect via my Samsung Smart TV for the first time. Unfortunately, I can't login as Spotify tells me it can't connect and that I should check out the current Service Status at Any idea what's going wrong and how to solve it? Thanks in advance!



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Hello 273618, welcome to the community!


Are you able to connect to other apps via your Samsung Smart TV, like Netflix, HBO?

Do you connect to the net wireless or is it a cabled network?




Best regards!







What's a Spotify Rock Star

, and how do I become one?

Hi there, and thanks :). Netflix does work indeed. I'm using a cabled

Best regards,


Answer their queation and then no reaponse. Great. Same problem here and no help.

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