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Samsung Smart TV - can't login after I changed Spotify password

Samsung Smart TV - can't login after I changed Spotify password

I had logged in to the Spotify app on Samsung Smart TV ok.

Some time afterwards I had to change my Spotify password,

I did this ok in the usual way.


Then, when I went back to log in on TV it told me,

failed password, fair enough.


But it doesn't prompt you to use my new password

and when I try to login "As other user"

and I try log in as myself again - it tells me there is already an account with that name. Arrgh.


I also can't seem to be able to delete the app and reinstall on TV so see if that works.

The uninstall button is greyed out.


Can anyone help?

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I had the same problem. I use always spotify with the option "Login with Facebook", but I use to change my FB pwd from time to time. The curious thing is that some time ago the Spotify app in the TV used to prompt me for the new password, but from some months onward it doesn´t that anymore. It simply freeze the TV. The only option in such case was to reload ALL Smart Hub apps.... which is actually.... ridiculous!

I am having this problem also. Did you ever found out how to fix it?



I have the same problem. I lost the password after a software re-install on my PC, I forgot to write it down. So I had to change it. Now when I open Spotify on my Samsung TV, I see only a black loading screen with three dots no matter how long I wait. No option to login with the new password. I can not uninstall Spotify and re-install, it is integrated. I need help!

I solved by using my smartphone. I chose a song, played it, and asked to reproduced on my Samsung tv! The tv app started automatically! 

The tv and the smartphone werw connected to the same WiFi and the app in my phone was login with the same account name. 

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