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Samsung Smart TV remove volume adjustment

Samsung Smart TV remove volume adjustment

Hello  I am using Spotify om different devices and the last months since I used Spotify on my Samsung Smart TV (J6250) everything was fine for me.


I was not able to change the volume of Spotfiy with my Iphone when I was listening over TV and that was very good.

Since 2 weeks I am able to change the volume of my TV over spotify from any device and that is a big problem for me.


The problem is that I use some big stereo speaker and a strong amplifier and if I switch Spotify from my Macbook to my TV the volume is just insane loud.

It was so much better when Spotify was unable to reduce / increase the volume of my TV and I had to do it with my TV remote Control because it was much safer the Volume was allways the same (I never turnend my TV volume over 25) and now if I forget to put down the Volume control of Spotify when I switch to my TV I get volume 100 not good for my speaker and my ears at all.


I dont really know if this is because of a Spotify or Samsung update but I am looking for a solution to fix this. The best and fastest way would be to remove the power of Spotify to change the Volume of my TV is there a way to do this?


Im sorry for my bad english and I hope that you understand my problem.

kindly regards 


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