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Samsung Smart TV


Samsung Smart TV



I have a Samsung Smart TV purchased in Dubai, i reset the TV and started it all up whilst connected to my UK VPN, i have the Spotify app but i get a message saying that the TV's firmware doesnt support the app.


Any ideas?

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And now the Spotify app is gone - withdrawn. Just as well...

Hi All,


I have summarised the information that I have about in this post. Hopefully, this will save any further confusion, although there will be some disappointment for owners of unsupported models.

Ok thanks for the update. hope to see the ES5500 to be supported in the comming weeks .

Thanks. The Spotify was withdrawn as some users wrote - do you know: will it be modified in the meantime? I already upgraded firmware, but the app was not working...


Hi FletzMusik, I'm not sure I understand the question. If you have E5000 or E6000 it isn't supported at the moment. Hopefully, this will change very soon.

hi, i have a ue40es6710 - so no app in the moment... But with the firmware 29.0 as you described i was not succesull to install th app (lat week i could download it from the samsungapps...but as other users wrote from tuesday on it was withdrawn. so will the app be modified?

Question: Does the Smart TV based version "x-fade" the tracks like the PC & mobile based version does?

it will come, got the info from samsungsupportchat like... last week, they said that there will be a update for our TV's in some days :3 got the 5505 so.. 

It´s very quiet and still no Spotify APP on my Samsung UE40ES6535....? Come on!!

I can't understand that it has to take so long. Are The 5000 and 6000 models so bad?

Hopefully the app will run on the 6 series after the next fw update. I did the update and did it run? Nope!

The plan is to get the 8 series, and use the 6 series in the bedroom.becouse the 5-6 series cant do sh*t as we all can see! Q: Why do they sell them at all?? A: To make you understand that you have to get yourself a better and more expensive model! THERE IS SOMETHING FISHY GOIN' ON!! And Spotify proves the point! But if the upcoming update system, Smart Evo. Kit, works on the 5-6 series were all home free, but I don't think it will!. Spotify, you could lose some dear subscribers while doing this stunt!

I feel cheated by Samsung. I paid a lot of money for my ue40es6900.

Now I realize that it is inferior quality, or at least they want to make me think that.

If there are apps that can stream movies to the television I cannot understand that there is no working app for streaming music.

There is indeed something fishy going on.

I stream movies with Netflix (app) on my 6 series, works perfectly. And use Spotify on a daily bases on my pc, also works perfectly. But Netflix doesn't work so well on the pc. So YES there is something fishy going on!! Oki, Netflix runs on the Silverlight platform, which requires a powerful cpu, and so on..but still! I mean, if movies work...why not music???

With 1030.0 update no Spotify app. So still waiting, hopefully not long.

Good news: The app is coming to the 5 & 6 series after the next fw update! They are working on it right now, Samsung support says. Nice!!

That is great news. I hope it is true.

Thanks for the info. 

hi, i have eu46es8000 series, and a spotify premium account, and I have problems with the app. It needs an upgrade of firmware, but my tv has the latest. can you help me? thanks you!!!


My TV was just upgraded to the latest version available for the E6000 series. Initially I upgraded from 1028 > 1029, and two days ago from 1029 > 1030. No sign of Spotify yet?

Hopefully the app will appear/run (on the 5 & 6 series) after the 1031 update. That's what Samsung's support told me. Fingers crossed!

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