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I have a Samsung Smart TV purchased in Dubai, i reset the TV and started it all up whilst connected to my UK VPN, i have the Spotify app but i get a message saying that the TV's firmware doesnt support the app.


Any ideas?

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Fingers crossed! I just bought my Samsung ue40es5500 partly because I was told Spotify works on it. I just set it all up and was disappointed not to see the app, but this thread has at least kept me updated.

Good news.  Spotify now up and running on my 5 series. 

Likewise - discovered it with happiness on my ue40es5500 and had it playing out great music all evenin. Had to update my firmware to xx30 first, and the app crashed initially as well,so I had to delete it and reinstall in. But now it seems to be working fine.  Will be interested to see any bug reports.

On my 6 Series tv still nothing.

It should automaticly appear on the Smart Hub (check your last page or Samsung Apps). No prob' for me, it runs really good! Sweeeet!!

Even though I should appriciate the crossfade function. The versions I use on my PC and Smartphone has that function, and I like it a lot!

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Hello everyone.

Just been informed that Spotify should be back up for E5000 / 6000 devices now. Ensure your Firmware is up to date and it should be in your Samsung app marketplace.
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So nice.. Can't wait to get back home to download it! 🙂


Still cant see it, maybe cause I am from country (Estonia) that not listed for spotify?

Do you have the latest fw (1030) installed?? If not - update and enjoy!

Yes, I installed 1030 on same day it came out.

Finally the app is here.

Seems it only works with a premium account and not with an unlimited account.

I find this quite stupid as a tv is something that is in your home. 

Paying extra for smartphone use is okay but for a television? No! I already use spotify with my htpc.

I hate it that for every small thing that gets invented they want us to pay more.


Paying double only for one app... never gonna happen.


Still love spotfify though... but on my htpc.

Yes, only for premium accounts.

And only in supported countries, very bad news.

I don't think you are paying double for one app though are you?  I'm a premium customer and I now have it on my phone, iPad and TV - all for one subscription.  Considering how much I used to pay every month to buy albums, I have to say that Spotify Premium seems to me like one of the best bargains of my whole life!

Same here. Why paying double? I use Spotify on 3 computers, 1 tablet, 1 smartphone and now my tv with just one subscription. You can't listen to music at the same time on different devices, because this would allow to share a user account with other people.

Where are the keyboard support?!?!?

I only listen to spotify at home through my htpc, so it is already on my tv.

I don't use it on a smartphone or ipad. And I have no intention of doing that.

So for me it is not interesting to buy the premium account only for the Samsung Smart TV app.


Still a bit disappointed that they only allow the premium to use that app. I don't really see the difference using the app or my htpc. It's a commercial decision, I get that.


If I would use all the other premium features I agree that it is worth it but not for only using it on one device...

Finally installed and happy as a clam.

I tried installing Spotify on my Samsung Smart TV from 2012.


First, I got the message its checking the firmware, I hadn't upgraded so after it was done, I upgraded to the latest version.


But it still says my firmware isn't compatible? It's like its not even checking now, first time it said something like "Checking your firmware version, this can take a while", but now it just goes straight to "Firmware not supported". I tried reinstalling the app but no changes.


Any ideas?

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