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[Samsung TV / Tizen OS]

[Samsung TV / Tizen OS]

Hi, I bought myself a new TV (JS9090) a two weeks ago.

I have the following issue: I first installed the smarthub and everything was runnning nice. After a few days, I tried to start the spotify app and it just got stuck and the black loading screen with the white logo and the 3 pulsating dots. It just loads forever and I can't get back ( no response on hitting the exit button on the remote or anything). I then resetted the smarthub and reinstalled the app and it was fine again. Until now.

Same thing - I'm stuck at the loading page of the app.


Any idea what to do or how to fix that?

5 Replies

nobody? this issue is really annoying 😞

I'm having the same issue as well on my 2015 Samsung 4K running Tizen.  For me though it just recently started; I loaded the app back in November or so as soon as it first became available and it ran smooth for a good month or so.  Then it started doing this all of the sudden around Christmas give or take a week.  Now the only way to get it to run for me is to uninstall and reinstall each time.  I'm guessing a bug was introduced in an update after the original or something in a Tizen update caused it....  Very annoying.  

I have exactly the same problem on my samsung ue55js9000. Works for a day and then crashes on startup. It seems like it is still running in the background since you can connect to it with Spotify connect , but the screen remains on the pulsating dots. The TV also seems to run out of memory since it is reacting pretty slower on the remote in this case.

Reinstalling is the only work around, but doing this every day is quite annoying!

Please fix this in the next update, thanks!


I have two Samsung TVs and it is only doing this on one. I changed my password recently. The TV that it works on allowed me to reenter my password, while the other just hangs on the black dot screen.

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