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Samsung TV Tizen spotify app poor sound

Samsung TV Tizen spotify app poor sound

The volume from the spotify app on my 2016 Samsung TV is so loud it just distorts. Music on TV, satellite, YouTube are correct volume and sounds great. I should add I use a Yamaha surround sound amp.
The Tizen spotify app is unusable which is crazy. I have resorted to buying and Android box and using that through TV. Which sounds great but i would rather use the I'm built app.


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I have the exact same problem

The tizen app really has a poor audio quality. It also contains not settings at all in the first place. If my TV would be my only Spotify device, it would be completely useless.

I have the Samsung MU8000, streaming music from Spotify was fine (via the TV speakers, I guess since you don't really get any lows from the built in speakers). I got a new Samsung sound bar (connected via HDMI) and TV, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video etc., sounded great but Spotify would be extremely distorted (sounded like blown speakers from an old car). If I streamed Spotify directly to the sound bar the music was great which has me concluding its the Spotify app on the Samsung TV.

Yeah, one often only discovers the horrors of (too) compressed music when switching to full spectrum speakers.


My hunch is that the Spotify app uses an adaptive bitrate and that goes horribly wrong, as the distortion varies quite a bit. But it's definitely the app that doesn't work. Using the webplayer in Tizen's own browser, which according to the Spotify documentation, uses a fixed bitrate, works ok in the same setup where the app fails.



Spotify app for Tizen using different audio delivery methods as compared to YouTube or webplayer. From Spotify app perspective, there is no difference whether sound is coming from TV speakers or AVR/Soundbar. Problem is somewhere on Samsung side. 



Yes, I am having a similar problem with my new Samsung Q7F 55" UHD and a Yamaha YAS-207 sound bar using the HDMI ARC port. Spotify is awfully distorted through the TV, however if I connect via Bluetooth to the sound bar and run Spotify from the phone it's flawless.


It seems obvious the gain setting within the app on the TV has been set too high to begin with as even on a very low volume setting everything still sounds distorted. There a no problems with Netflix, YouTube, or any other streaming app.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this to us.


We're currently investigating this issue in this Ongoing Issue thread.

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