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Samsung TV app randomly stopped working

Samsung TV app randomly stopped working

Hi, the Spotify app on my Samsung TV randomly stopped working today. I was listening to it all day and then it just stopped at one point. I've tried re-downloading the app, re-pairing it with my account, logging in directly on the TV, and choosing the TV from the "available devices" option from my phone. Nothing seems to be working.


Samsung TV

model # UN40M5300

7 Replies

it just happened to me!!! Now iOS is working but my Samsung TV Spotify cannot be logged in back by any means!! What I should do!!

Hey all,

Seems to be a few issues with Spotify right now that are currently being investigated. I'd recommend keeping an eye on @SpotifyStatus and @SpotifyCares as they've got the right folks on this behind the scenes. 🕵🏻‍


And it just happened to me!.. Worked great (really great!) until it didnt. Hangs on start-up w Samsung Q70 TV

Same. Cut out sometime last night after a normal day; now is working intermittently, but it takes a solid 30 seconds to sign in, I can't skip or change songs without breaking it, and my phone can't see it in the 'connect to device' menu.


It's been acting odd for a week or two before this - I kept having to restart the app because it wouldn't open the 'now playing' screen, meaning I couldn't pause, play or change songs without using my phone.

Same here. Yesterday it was fine, it has always worked flawlessly, but now it just won't sign in by any means available. Nothing happens, no error message shown.

FYI my problem has gone away and all is as it was. Working fine on Samsung TV. Thanks Spotify for whatever you pushed out

Yeah, mine has been fixed as well. But now, I fear, I'm experiencing anxiety even when the slightest hiccup happens when using Spotify. That the glitch could be foreshadowing another **bleep** of trying to work with customer support. I wonder if there is a psychological term for this kind of anxiety.

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