Samsung Tv problem

Samsung Tv problem

Hi Spotify Community,

Last week I change my spotify password. Now I can't log in at spotify on samsung tv. When I open the app, the logo appears, and the app just try open and stay thinking forever, but never actually open.

I already reset the smart hub. But nothing actually work.


Someone have any advice for me?

Thank you

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Have you tried deleting the app and installing it again?

Samsung tv doesn't allows delete applications installed by default.

If someone know how to delete the app data, in other way?

I have the exact same problem!  The logo just stays on the screen forever.  Did you ever find the fix???


No!! Keeps not working

My daughter was able to reset the TV to the factory settings, and it worked.  I now have spotify working again.  The only thing that I can remember that changed, was that I changed my spotify password on the web site.  I was at work and changed my password, and then when I came home, spotify did not work.

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