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Samsung gear S3 - Remote conection

Samsung gear S3 - Remote conection







Samsung Galaxy 9+ & Samsung Gear S3


My Question or Issue


I was using my Gear S3 connected to my phone throw Bluetooth as "remote".

Today, just trying some functions, I connected the spotify app in the watch throw wifi with my account. It worked just fine.

However, when I try to go back to remote, it gives me a connection error with the phone.

Looking in the forum, I tried sime ideas. I have reestarted the watch to factory values. I reinstaled the Galaxy Wearable app. And nothing work.

Noy it keeps saying "can not connecto to spotify on your phone. Please open your app there to continue"

Automatically it opens the app in the phone, but I cant do anything by the watch.

Also in the gadget, it says that there is no Bluetooth connection to the phone.

Any Ideas?

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Me also. I hope they fix it

This is a major issue right now 1000s of people are having the same issue. I have the Samsung Watch 46mm and Spotify work great remote etc. It seems like an update either to the watch version or the phone version. It will just tell you that you need to connect to Bluetooth even though you are. Very frustrating because it's so much easier for me to switch track while busy etc on the watch rather than the phone. So haven't listened to Spotify for a week and pay premium for nothing now. Let's hope this gets fixed soon otherwise I'm cancelling unfortunately and many many others will too.

exact same issue... this was one of the biggest features that got me to buy my galaxy watch... its really frustrating... i even tried removing the "linux deviuce" in my acc on the spotify site but didnt help at all... is there like some limitation to how many offline devices can you use even if youre premium user or smthg? i dont get it... please fix this asap.

I got the Gear watch 3 days ago, today i finally managed to login on spotify on my watch (because there are also some problems with that). But the remote option never worked...


hope they fix it very soon because it is one of the better things to do with the watch.

Yeah you can bypass the login part of you turn Bluetooth off then forget WiFi, after that connect WiFi back up with password etc. You can now sign into Spotify on your phone. Then turn Bluetooth back on and Spotify will show up fine. That's a problem in itself as for remote play from the watch it's fully broken. I downgraded my Spotify on my phone to see if that fixes it. But this seems more watch update related to be honest. Really frustrating now and no reply from the Spotify team whatsoever.

Yeah, spotify does run completely fine on phone's, definitely a watch thing. For the login part i just made a device password on and that worked for me, but that should not be necessary, you should be able to login with FB but whatever

We can use our built in music player to control spotify. Instead of the app if we want the remote feature. Its even better because it has volume control. But we can only skip tracks. 

Please tell me how, that's just what i needed. :')

The app is built in with galaxy watch 46mm bluetooth model. The app icon looms like a music note. Run it. In options choose spotify. Theres option for spotify, youtube, netflix and google play music. I choose spotify and it worked like a remote

This is the appThis is the app


Inside, the one beside volume must be toggled down.Inside, the one beside volume must be toggled down.


Inside options menu " three dots "Inside options menu " three dots "


Choose spotifyChoose spotify



We can use this app instead but for now now just can't choose playlists etc on the watch. It's better to do that until they pull finger out and sort this mess. Thanks for the info.

Thanks man!! that was just what i needed. I can live with this till spotify get updated


Great workaround until they fix the Spotify app, thanks!

Hi. I have a Kenwood headunit on my car. There are no bluetooth connection issues up to v.


Issues starts from v.


I think it's the same issue, serial bluetooth connection issue.

no its totally not the same issue... what youre looking for is bluetooth headphones connection not remote control by secondary app...

No, it's wrong. I have Spotify source on my headunit. I can controll all Spotify function, it's a serial Bluetooth connection using SPP profile.

I've downgraded spotify on my phone to be able to use remote on Gear S3. Yay, it works again. 


With latest Spotify app on the phone (S8), when connecting from Gear, a notification bar with Spotify shows up for a split second and immediately (<1s) disappears. 

With the downgraded Spotify app on the phone, the same notification bar shows up and remains in the notification area. The message on the bar reads : "Application null is connected."


"null" in a user-targeted message smells like a bug, either the party providing the content is messing it up (Spotify app on Gear?) , or the recipient (Spotify app on the phone) does not know how to treat the message with missing application name...

This is temporary solution, we have to put pressure on shopify to fix this problem.

This doesn't work on gear s3 frontier, because the app music doesn't have the three points as shown in the pictures.
Gear Software versión: R760XXU2CRH1

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