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Samsung gear S3 - Remote conection

Samsung gear S3 - Remote conection







Samsung Galaxy 9+ & Samsung Gear S3


My Question or Issue


I was using my Gear S3 connected to my phone throw Bluetooth as "remote".

Today, just trying some functions, I connected the spotify app in the watch throw wifi with my account. It worked just fine.

However, when I try to go back to remote, it gives me a connection error with the phone.

Looking in the forum, I tried sime ideas. I have reestarted the watch to factory values. I reinstaled the Galaxy Wearable app. And nothing work.

Noy it keeps saying "can not connecto to spotify on your phone. Please open your app there to continue"

Automatically it opens the app in the phone, but I cant do anything by the watch.

Also in the gadget, it says that there is no Bluetooth connection to the phone.

Any Ideas?

45 Replies

I can confirm it is started to work again. Very very bad support on spotify side but at least fixed.

Can you use remote as well?

Also confirming this has been fixed! Thanks for the update. Listening to Spotify on my watch with my budz!! Sorted!

The solution have been made you can do that easy 🙂 

Update everything to the latest (Samsung gear s3 have a new update) 


After this have been made for e quit all the app (include the wearable app) 

Try to connect your watch again, sign out from Spotify on your watch, sign back in (with username and password)

stay on mobile data while doing this:

*Disconnect any Bluetooth device but the watch

*Try use remote - enjoy 🙂 

Hi lol thanks for that reply. its been fixed for a year or so now 😄

It have been solved for me just now... 😞 I guess my luck is awful

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