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Samsung smart tv, spotify´s search doesn´t work anymore

Samsung smart tv, spotify´s search doesn´t work anymore

Hope someone can help me..

Spotify was working fine, until a few days ago the search stopped working. I can still listen to my playlists.

The tv is 6000 series i think.


I updated the app, no help. I tried to update the tv, no updates. What should i do??


Thanks for any tips. Mati (Finland)

26 Replies

Working again now.

It works fine now, without any update! o_O


I do not understand why...


anyway, now I can search 🙂

Working again.



Samsung UE46F8000

Running Spotify App 1.022



Search results give ID 2 sometimes then work others


Actions Taken:

Reset Samsung TV from scratch

Reinstalled everything

Checking I have latest Samsung Firmware.


Personal Comments:

Considering playlists always work then I have too imagine its something on the sptofy servers.

Is this a bit like the Andorid client bug where it took you almost two years to admit it was there and fix it.

(The one with the playlists downloaded would suddently be empty) (Also wasted a number of hours with reinstalls on that one)


If there was another similar service I would be using that instead.




the same error occured with my samsung, suddenly spotify was not working anymore, the text on my tv suggested to update the firmware but there's nothing to update.


is there a solution for this problem?

How did you get to search? Not sure how to enter in seach box

I have received an email from Spotify telling that my Samsung Smart TV
model is not going to have the Spotify app aviable anymore

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