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Samsung wireless multiroom speakers stopped working

Samsung wireless multiroom speakers stopped working

My samsung wam751 multiroom speakers suddenly stopped working. I've restarted my entire network, reset the speakers and re-added, tried downgrading the android Spotify app. It doesn't work from the Windows app either. Both Windows and android apps see the speakers and can connect to them but immediately pause play and the songs hang at 0:00










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Hey folks!

There was an intermittent issue with speakers yesterday but this should be good now 🙂
If it's still not working for you, reset the speakers, try again let us know how it went.

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Hey folks!

If what @pabe03 has provided as a solution doesn't work for you, do a factory reset of an affected speaker and set it up again.
If you haven't tried the proposed solution yet, do the factory reset, set up the speaker and change the DNS settings after that.

Let us know how it goes 🙂

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I did the factory reset and changed the DNS settings, still the same
behaviour. Nothing has changed.
[image: image.png]

Router: HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro 2
Speaker: Samsung M3

To be sure, I reinstalled the app (not very likely the reason as the
behaviour is platform independent).

Any other guesses?

Thank you


That DNS fix didn't last very long. Back to the same behavior unfortunately.

Hi Vasil


Unfortunatelly even after reset of Router and Speaker, the Speakers are not playing. When changing the Volume on the speaker, its synced in the App (Deskop and Android), so the connection seems to work. But playing songs does not. One second after hitting play, it jumps back to 0:00 and pauses. Music is never played.


edit: having 2x WAM550 and 2x WAM750

Hi, last week suddenly I can’t connect to any of my speakers through Spotify anymore, when I connect  it just switches my song to 0:00 and won’t play, seems like it’s connecting but refusing to play. I have Samsung MultiRoom setup I my whole apartment, none of the speakers work, tried restarting as well, also have a brand new jbl 9.1 sound bar, that has nothing to do with my Samsung setup, that won’t connect either anymore ….

I’ve tried using two different iPhones, same issue… 


restarted my speakers, rebooted my network, removed Spotify and redownloaded app. Still does

not work. I’m using google mesh routers, anybody else have this issue and using google routers, trying to figure out what we have in common …



I have Reinstall my Spotify on My Mobil. Reinstall the Samsung MultiRoom, rebooted my router and rebooted my speaker. dont work and i cant start playing my PC.


Have a Samsung R1 Speaker

TL-link Deco Wlan System

A PC (:

And a Nothing Phone 1 and a HUAWEI P20 lite





Yes, same with me. I have all kinds of Samsung speakers 1 WAM 350, 2 WAM550, 2 WAM1500 and 2 WAM7500. All of a sudden Spotify connect stopped working. The speakers are still visible, and I can connect to them, but the once I hit play it just sort of stops, i.e. nothing happens. 


This is the same in on 3 different Android phones, the web-app on a Win-PC, an iPad Pro, a MacBook (over web-app): Everywhere the same. I reset all the speakers&hub and added them again, I can restart my network/router. Changing the DNS doesn't help. 


Casting from the phone to other speakers (via Spotify connect works). It's really just these Samsung badboys that stopped working. The firmware of all the speakers is up-to-date. However, and this is where I would not blame Samsung alone: There hasn't been any firmware updates lately, so there must have been some changes in the Spotify department that cause this behaviour.


In their own environment (this silly underperforming Samsung app) everything works. I can cast music from a NAS to the speaker via DLNA server, I can play radio. But Spotify connect stopped working.


My wife will divorce me if this doesn't get better anytime soon. And I am slightly upset that I sit on some speakers that cost quite a sum and don't work as intended now. 

Same problem here with 3 Samsung WAM5500 devices and one Cambridge Audio NP30 Device.

Tried Spotify on may mobile and on Linux as the controller. I can connect every device but when I try to play a song it doesn't start. When I start Spotify on my mobile and Linux I see the mobile as a device in Linux Spotify and can control it like it should. Other way round I can control my Linux Spotify with may mobile Spotify. But NO multiroom device is working.

It's not only Samsung. I have an Cambridge Audio NP30 with the same behaviour and there  is a Thread of Philips owners next to this one.

@Pabe03: Thanks for your idea in the other tread! Just created a new profile, where "" is blocked > then added this profile to all boxes and spotify playing devices. Also added fixed ip adresses to all boxes. Thanks for saving my day. Now it works again...

What profile? And where can I block something in a a profile? A link to the original "solution" would be helpful.


Ok, got it. You have mentioned a filter profile on you router for blocking sites. I have blocked "" globally on the router and it worked! It's just a workaround and Spotify should fix it anyway, I think. But for now, I'm happy.

Maybe it's only one of this to block:


Great! If other users also have the same problem, please follow this thread:

My WAM speaker also stopped working since maybe 2 weeks, located in the Netherlands, reset everything I can and unpluggen en re-plugged everything there is, it still does not work

Have you already blocked ""?

I have no idea how to in my router settings, not that experienced and bright in that department


In Switzerland we had this problem before I had contacted Samsung the service. The technician said they won't support the Multi Rom System The 10 years are over!! !. Probably it is now so that no new updates are delivered from Samsung to Spotify, so it no longer works in the Samsung Multi Rom system, nor does it work and do it even until they no longer receive new updates from Samsung. It is now on all Samsung customers who use Samsung's Multiroom System. To plague or enhance Samsung continue to entertain as customer service. They sold thousands of WAM s. Write them to Samsung to do this again!

It should work again - at least for me it does in Switzerland. 

And it's not only on Samsung, as they clearly didnt change anything on their end for the last years (as they discontinued the service). It was Spotify changing something in their service. And now changing back. 


I guess the only upside is, that there is a solution now.

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