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SamsungTV Remote can't start spotify music

SamsungTV Remote can't start spotify music

Hi, I've used spotify on my samsung tv for the past year and a half. It worked flawless, I played the music via my tv remote, or via other devices...


Today as usual i opened the spotify app on my tv by using the tv remote, I seleceted a random playlist via browse, and wanted to click play but nothing happend. The music simply wont start, I can access the playlist and see the entire list of songs, even scroll up or down. But It wont start playing the actual song. 


On the other hand if i play music via my devices eg. laptop, watch, phone and then chose available devices it works fine. Although even then on the tv itself it doesn't update the screen to the music its playing.


I tried deleting the app and reinstaling but it didnt work...


Please help.

15 Replies

Have the same bug since yesterday

App is extremly slow in reaction

Exactly the same with mine... the select button works fine until you get to the point that you want to actually playsomething and then nothing... 

I've had exactly the same issue since yesterday as well. Tried everything!



Exactly the same with me... was there some kind of a update last week?  

The same here, the only way it works is controling through pc or phone, but even then there is no changes on the homepage on the tv, as if its not playing music... even though it is...

Exactly the same for me started last night!  Have tried everything (logging in/out, reinstalling app, checking software on TV).  Have now sent a mail to support to ask them to sort out. 

Sorry not an answer - just someone else with the same problem. I've tried Samsung software (up to date), deleting & reinstalling Spotify but nothing. Screen shows & I am able to navigate but I am unable to "play" any songs.

Same problem here, now I know that it is a common and new problem. Hope spotify will fix their samsung tv app soon.

Same here. Adding comment to see if it gains traction. I hate to use my phone when home and with this bug, I can only control the play using the phone. 

I didn't even notice that there was an update done on the software, haven't found any info on that...

Just tried the app again this morning & it's working again!

Thanks,  I checked first thing and it wasn't, but have just tried again and it is.

WORKS!!!! YAY. Throw the phone away!

This last few days can only be described as an ORDEAL. First world problems

I realize this is an old thread but I'm having this issue on a Samsung 60" model UN60KU6300. It worked fine for a bit today and then suddenly it's like the center "return" button doesn't work. The button works on the TV and other apps but not the Spotify app. Was an update pushed out? Is there anything I can do? This thread seems to indicate nothing worked until magically the app snapped out of it. Tks

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