Save music to S3 Frontier

Save music to S3 Frontier







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 Hello. I am trying to download music directly to my S3 Frontier, but whenever I lose Bluetooth connection to my Android phone, I can not access the app. What I am trying to do (if it's even possible) is download a small playlist to my watch so that I can listen to it via BT headphones when my phone is not close by (on a run and don't want to carry my phone).  Thank you!

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Hey @Imclaughlin0711! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^



Yes, you should be able to download playlists on your watch.

To use the app on the watch without having the phone on, you need to download the playlists you'd like to use onto your watch.


Make sure you're using a WiFi to download them so you don't use up your phone's data plan. ^^


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^


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